Gravel Culture: Ibai Fradejas – A gravel tour of Bilbao

Posted By Gravel Union On 14 July 2021

Ibai is fortunate enough to live in Bilbao, a city surrounded by wooded hillsides with the Atlantic Ocean as its backdrop. He took us for a gravel tour of this amazing place.

Image courtesy of @Markel.Bazan

Bilbao is a clear example of urban regeneration. A city that has been reborn from its ashes in every way - it has ceased to be a grey city dedicated to industry and has become a cosmopolitan and designer city.

Image courtesy of @Markel.Bazan

It is still a great city though, in constant flux and one in which motorised traffic predominates. Pedaling along its streets and passed its iconic places is incredible. But, my thirst for adventure leads me to get out of the urban area, enjoy its surroundings and discover new places that, until now, I did not know.

Image courtesy of @Markel.Bazan

Strange as it may seem at first glance, the beauty of Bilbao is that you can leave your house by bicycle and in less than 5km you find yourself on rolling on forest tracks away from traffic, or riding beautiful minor roads - all with a proximity to the ocean that gives us that feeling of freedom.

Image courtesy of @Markel.Bazan

Many times, it has been said that we do not appreciate what we have around us, and I totally agree. Sometimes it is not necessary to travel far to discover new landscapes or incredible views.

Image courtesy of @Markel.Bazan

Continuing to discover new places close to my home, which I would never have imagined existed, makes me open my mind and dream of exploring remote places by bicycle ...

Image courtesy of @Markel.Bazan

Never stop exploring.

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