Posted By Gravel Union On 20 January 2020
Rider Name:

Erwin Sikkens


Arnhem, The Netherlands

Tell us what your local gravel riding is like:

My local gravel is a mixture of hard pack gravel, forest tracks and singletrack with of course some small asphalt sections in between. Mostly flat, but we cherish our little Veluwe hills.

Gravel bike:

Bombtrack HOOK 2 with GRX

Last event ridden:

Pathfinder Giro (Eindhoven, The Netherlands)

Favourite Gravel Ride:

So far it was the LtD GravelRaid (Germany)

What events do you want to do in 2020?

I’m looking forward riding the Marrakech Gravel Epic, as well as The Rift in Iceland.
Next to that I’ll be riding multiple gravel events in The Netherlands and Belgium like the LtD GravelFest and Smugglers’ Path.

650 or 700c?

Both :-) 700c for faster hard pack gravel riding. But you can’t beat 650b for the more adventurous riding and bikepacking trips.

Mechanical or Electronic Gears?

I’m going Di2 in 2020. Single ring in the front and trustworthy electronic shifting in the back. Having those extra shifting options comes in handy when my right hand is on the camera.

Favourite mid ride snack?

Dorset Flapjacks.

What do you see as the future of gravel riding?

I think gravel riding will get more and more mainstream. People are starting to see that - where they know most of the roads already - they can still get lost on micro adventures in their own backyards when it comes to gravel riding. Combine this with the great party atmosphere after most gravel events and you have your win-win. Have a nice party y’all.