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Bohemian Border Bash


10 - 13 September 2020


Bohemian-Saxony Switzerland, Germany


156km / 120km / 90km


€150 / €150 / €270

Event Type


Bohemian Border Bash

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- The Bash: €170 (€150 for Gravel Union members)
- Big Bash: 170 (€150 for Gravel Union members)
- The Camp: €290 (€270 for Gravel Union members)

Member Offers

Discounted tickets available for Gravel Union members. Payment instructions will be emailed after registration. Make sure to state: "Gravel Union" into the comments field at the time of registration.

About the event

Laidback gravel riding event with bonfires every night. Ride during the day have some beers and chat with friends old and new by a fire at night.

Big Bash
- 300km long mixed-surface gravel race. Not into racing? Pack your tent, take your time and enjoy the scenery of the beautiful national park. The Camp
- Day 1: 90km long gravel ride with challenges and route finding and prizes from our sponsors.
- Day 2: 156km / 120km long gravel ride.


“The Bohemian Border Bash is what all gravel events should aspire for: sublime riding in hidden settings, riding shoulder to shoulder with your best friends new and old. I loved how diverse the attendance was, brilliantly organized the weekend was and how beautifully chosen the routes were!” John Woodroof

"Nothing could have prepared me for quite how much fun I would be having in Bohemia. The insane beauty of this place meant I spent more time stopping for pictures than pedaling but that’s also the best way of making new friends. Somewhere along the way, I caught myself thinking: let’s come back here, again, again, and again." Annaleena Piel Linna

"For me, The Bohemian Border Bash was a great opportunity to meet amazing people and cycle together to stunning corners of Bohemian - Sachsen Switzerland National Park which I had never visited before. The event was prepared perfectly in every single detail, making the whole adventure a pure pleasure." Piotr Lisiecki

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