We like our riders so much we want to see more of you … in fact we want to reward you for making the effort to come say hello.  

The Brevet Card is part of our rewards scheme, the more events you attend the more we reward your efforts.  At events where Gravel Union is present your brevet card will be the key to unlocking unique Gravel Union offers such as free drinks or products. The events we will attend can be found in our events calendar designated by the Gravel Union logo. Please visit our booth at these Gravel Union events to pick up your Brevet Card and our stamps.

Gravel Union events can be recognised by Supported by Gravel Union logo in the calendar section of this website. You will also find details of member offers in the event detail page of Gravel Union events.

When you collect your brevet card, we will give you the first stamp for free. After that all you need to do is complete four events, one of those being one of our Supported By events and then other associated events to trade in your card for unique Gravel Union Merchandise.

This merchandise is unique and only available to those who make the effort.

On the back of each brevet card you will find a handy section to complete some emergency contact info, we want to make sure you are all safe out there so carry your brevet card with you when you're riding in the handy wallet it comes in.


This year Gravel Union is going to be giving away a 12-month upgrade to komoot Premium (worth 59,99) to the first 100 Gravel Union members with a full brevet cards. Get your Gravel Union brevet cards at our booth at supported by Gravel Union events. Each time you ride at one of the Gravel Union supported events, you’ll be able to get a stamp in your card. Once your card is full, hand your it in at our booth on Gravel Union events and send us a photograph of it to The first 100 riders to complete their cards will receive a komoot Premium code valid for 12 months.


Where can I get my Brevet card and stamps for my Brevet card?
You will find our booth at SUPPORTED BY GRAVEL UNION or PARTNER EVENTS GRAVEL UNION. Go to and check out our calendar. You can recognise the Supported by and Partner Events on the calendar by our Gravel Union logo. Also in the event details it will outline if the event will have a stamp for your brevet card. On the day of event find the Gravel Union pop up and collect your card from there.
How many events do I need to complete?
So, we ask you complete four events, at least one of those should be a Gravel Union Partner Event (bucket list event). But we give you the first stamp for free!
What do I do when I have completed the card?
When you have the card completed you can hand it in at the same event. You can also upload it to your Instagram account tagging #gravelunion and #shimanogravel for further chances to win.
How many cards can I complete?
As many as your legs will allow!
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