GENERAL NEWS: Events Calendar and Ride Report update

Posted By Gravel Union On 18 March 2020
Events Calendar

Over the past 12 months we’ve been steadily growing the events calendar that we have on the Gravel Union website. Our aim is to make it the definitive resource for gravel riding fans – with as many events from around the world as we can and kept up-to-date with all the information you need at your fingertips.

Unfortunately, you can’t have failed to notice that the coronavirus pandemic is playing havoc with events of all kinds at the minute and gravel events are no different. In the overall scheme of things, the cancellation/postponement of a range of cycling events are of pretty minimal importance in comparison to making sure everyone stays fit and healthy, but it’s still important to us that our calendar is useful to our readers.

As well as being purely functional, we hope that our calendar plays a small part in inspiring you to get out on your gravel bike and ride. We realise that for some of you, that riding outside isn’t possible at the minute – even more reason to make our calendar a source of future inspiration!

For that reason, we’ve taken the editorial decision not to slap big “cancelled” logos all over the list of events which aren’t likely to happen in 2020. Instead we’re going to pause the listing for an event that we know isn’t happening and only show the ones on the calendar that have a confirmed date. We’re going to be checking regularly with event organisers and so will hopefully be able to keep the calendar up to date. Where an event gets postponed and has a rescheduled date, we will edit the information on the calendar and just show the amended date.

Stay fit and well and hope to see you all out on your gravel bike again soon.

Dukes Weekender 2020” Image @ Stu Thomson

Ride Reports

As well as publishing an events calendar, we regularly publish write-ups of events, rides and races that you’ve taken part in. For anyone who has some literary aspirations and a bit of spare time, this is your chance! We can’t promise either fame or fortune, but this is a step in the right direction. Don’t worry if English isn’t your native language (or even if it is and your grammar isn’t perfect) we’ll edit everything that comes in and make sure its presentable before we publish. Your write-up can be from any gravel-based ride or event that you’ve done in the past 12 months – the more inspirational the better!

We’re looking for around 5-600 words and 5-10 high quality images to go with it. As long as it is gravel related then we’ll consider publishing (although we aim to keep the content at a suitably high level, so we’ll use some editorial discretion and may choose not to publish if your piece doesn’t quite fit the bill). Have a look at our existing ride reports here to see the range and style of write-ups that we publish.

Any questions, let us know –

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