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Posted By Gravel Union On 12 December 2020
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Halo gravel tyre range


RRP for all models – £49.99 GBP/US$69.99

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Available now



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Product Description

UK-based wheel and tyre brand Halo have released an all-new gravel tyre range. The series, developed over the last three years, consists of three distinct tread patterns to cover a variety of conditions and surfaces. No matter what your gravel persuasion, Halo have a tread and a size to suit you.

Halo have refined the tyres, based around a lightweight 60tpi tubeless carcass to offer minimal rolling resistance, high traction levels and where needed, mud shedding abilities. Halo claim the carcass choice allows the tyres to conform to the terrain for grip and comfort, but also brush off a large amount of potential damage from objects on the road or trail.

GXC Tyre

The most aggressive tread design of the trio, the GXC is suitable for all conditions, including loose, wet, gravel, dirt and hardpack. The GXC has been designed to excel on loose and challenging terrain, and Halo state that the GXC is ‘the perfect weapon for all season riding’. Tightly spaced blocks in the centre of the tread are used to maximise rolling speed. An Arrow shaped block design encourages mud and water down the channels formed to keep the tread mud free. Rearwards facing edges on these blocks aid grip under braking whatever the conditions. And angled mud and water shedding channels continue from the centre tread all the way to the edge of the tyre. Specifically placed blocks on the side tread means the GXC offers enormous grip levels that blur the lines with mountain bike tyres.

The GXC tyre is available in two sizing options, 650b x 47 mm (from 545 g) and 700c x 38 mm (from 395 g), in all black and tan wall.

GXR Tyre

Gravel Union regular, James, has been experimenting with the Halo GXR 650b x 47 throughout the summer months. Having put in some considerable ‘lockdown miles’ on both pavement, gravel and forest singletrack, he’s confirmed that the GXR really does deserve the worthy title of ‘the all-conditions’ tyre. The 60tpi carcass has proven resilient to punctures even traversing the flint trails of his East Anglian riding patch, but still provides a suitably supple ride despite the durable sidewalls.

Admittedly, the all-conditions moniker met its match once winter firmly set in and the once dry and dusty trails turned to mud. With local gravel trails submerged with floodwater, James has stuck to the roads and found Halo’s water shedding channels work effectively on wet roads and in heavy rain, finding grip where there is usually only slip.

The GXR is the all-rounded option within the range. Designed to mix the high rolling resistance of the RXR with maximum grip on the side tread for when dealing with off-road trails. Just like with the RXR, leading edges incorporated into the centre tread give braking and acceleration traction in all conditions, while still giving a flush rolling surface. The side tread is made up of widely spaced blocks. This aggressive side tread helps the GXR offer enormous grip levels that are there when needed most. An all-conditions tyre, angled mud and water shedding channels have also been integrated on the shoulder tread.

The GXR tyre is available in 650b x 47 mm only (575 g), in black or tan wall options.

RXR Tyre

Minimal rolling resistance and maximum comfort are the aims of the RXR tyre, the Road Plus option of the range. Halo have incorporated leading edges into the centre of the tread for braking and acceleration traction in all conditions, combined with a flush rolling surface. These leading edges only come into play when used in the wet, or when off-road. In the dry and when on smooth surfaces the tyre rolls with minimal resistance. Angled mud and water shedding channels are also been integrated on the shoulder tread.

The RXR tyre is available in 650b x 47 mm only (505 g), in black or tan wall options.

You can find out more details about all the new tyres here

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