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Posted By Gravel Union On 30 September 2020


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Devote Advanced 1

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£2,399/€2799 (exact model not available in all European countries)

Introduce yourself to the Gravel Union community.

My name is Ludi Scholz, and I am from Innsbruck, Austria. Since 2016 I’ve been the Off-Road Category Manager for Liv. In short, I am the person to bring any of the Liv mountain or gravel bike models from concept level, through the development process and finally to the global market. This year Liv introduced our first gravel bike - with the Devote series.

What appeal does gravel have for the brand to make you produce a bike specifically for it?

Gravel is a relatively young segment in the global market, but it is fast growing. I think the reason for this fast growth is due to the fact that it is exciting and adventure driven. Gravel riding is somewhere between traditional road and XC, so it brings together riders from both of those worlds for a new experience and there’s a lot of innovation as a result. Since gravel is such a growing and developing segment, we wanted to create a platform that our riders can enjoy this unique experience without compromise. We focus so much on the quality of experience for our riders, that creating a platform specific to gravel was an easy call.

How has your experience with other categories influenced your interpretation of a gravel bike?

Since there is this cross over between XC and road with gravel, essentially the creation of the larger endurance segment, we were drawing on a lot of collective experience to make the right platform for our Devote model. My experience with XC platforms and knowing the demands of the off-road application, plus the vast amount of knowledge our team have on road platforms, gave us all the tools we needed to create a well-balanced gravel offering. For example, we know it should be light and efficient like a road bike but also versatile and capable like an off road bike with the balance of key geometry for mixed surface performance.

Who do you feel is your target audience for this platform?

Ha-ha - that is too easy, everyone of course! I personally have discovered so much versatility in Devote that I think it’s a great option for a pretty wide range of our women riders… I’ve been a dedicated mountain bike rider for many years, but have had so many rewarding adventures on the Devote that I think it really opens up that cross-over experience that applies to so many women looking to explore or push themselves in new ways that their former go-to bike might not do all the time. For long time road riders, the Devote gives a great option to get off the ever busier paved roads and brings them into the world of the road less travelled. So, I think the audience is pretty much anyone that loves bikes or wants some adventure in their lives.

Tell us about the bike and any unique features.

Wow, where to start!? Our Devote series has both Advanced carbon composite and AluxxSL aluminium frames available. For the Advanced frame models there is a unique construction that allows the use of either our d-fuse seat post, or if you wish, a 30.9mm Dropper, or a ridged 30.9mm seat post. Devote is engineered with capability for wider tyre (45c) use, and for those looking to add the many aftermarket options, we thoughtfully provided mounting points for mud guards (fenders), racks, packs, and extra water bottles.

You specify the Shimano GRX group set … was there something particular about this product range that made it the perfect complement to your new bike?

Shimano GRX has some great features in its range, but the logic behind this particular model spec - Devote Advanced 1 - was to use the GRX ecosystem in combination with Giant’s Contact Switch dropper seat post for a super clean, user friendly option for riders who wanted a dropper already equipped. We were able to use the left hand lever as the remote to operate the dropper and keep the cockpit super clean in the process.

How do you think gravel will develop in the future?

Gravel is fast growing and we are seeing many different interpretations from many brands. I can see some of the more niche experiences merging to create a clear need for us to think more about our offering, but I can’t say much more than that!!!

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