Gravel Culture: Migration Gravel Race launched

Posted By Gravel Union On 5 January 2021

For the vast majority of Gravel Union readers, we suspect that riding alongside zebra while out on a gravel ride isn’t that common an event. What about having dinner cooked over an open fire and then camping under a glade of acacia trees? Or being introduced to a tribe of Maasia Mara people? Nope, doesn’t happen to us very frequently either.

But later this year, with the launch of the Migration Gravel Race you could be fortunate enough to experience all of these things. But you could also do something much more important than just experience the amazing scenery, culture and wildlife - you could also help to create the opportunity for local East African riders to compete in the event.

The event is being organized at least partly to bring high quality international gravel racers to an area where local gravel riders have very little chance to compete on an equal standing. By bringing the event to Kenya, rather than taken Kenyan athletes to an international event, it opens up the field to many more locally-based racers to take part, whilst also showcasing their amazing country.

The event is described as being a semi-supported four-day stage race across the wilds of the Maasai Mara, Kenya. Competitors will be pre-approved to race. Each stage ends at a secure designated check point. The 650 km route courses over singletrack, game trails, red clay, and rough hard pack gravel. At an average elevation of 1900m through Maasai villages, plains, rivers, mountains and across big game country. There will be re-supply points and rangers to ensure safety.

In total the event covers 650kms, split into 4 stages and will include 8000m of climbing. The event website includes the immortal phrase “Not all Kilometers are equal. You will be tested!”

As well as the stunning gallery of marketing images for the event, the organisers have put together a short promo film to try and capture some of what the event participants will experience:

Tickets are priced at €950 for international racers and are available now from the event website. Registration closes on the 15th January, so don’t delay if you want to be considered for a space on the event.

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