Gravel Culture: On Gravel Episode Two

Posted By Gravel Union On 28 October 2021

A thumping 80s electro soundtrack, golden light and a potted history of gravel riding. This is how all mornings should start from now on. The latest film from the Soulframes team has just landed and it’s a banger.

Earlier in the year, we ran a story about a series of gravel riding films which Belgian filmmakers Soulframes were putting together. We absolutely loved their first film, On Gravel, and now they’re back with Episode Two.

We asked the filmmaker Bruno about the background to the film and this is what he told us “This second episode of our 'On Gravel' series is about Olivier Sels. He talks about the birth of gravel riding in Belgium and his love for bikes and unpaved roads. Olivier is a die-hard 'randonneur' and bike lover, who started riding unpaved roads in the early 2000s.”

Bruno continued “With a bunch of friends, Olivier organised one of the first gravel events in Belgium: The unpaved 200. Besides that, he's the owner of a bike shop in Leuven (Fietsen King) and he's a walking and talking encyclopaedia of cycling.”

Their first two episodes have been absolute bangers, so we can’t wait to see what the team come up with next.

For more information about Soulframes, check out their website here

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