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Posted By Gravel Union On 27 October 2020

Shimano Gravel Alliance rider Flo Novak heads out on his gravel bike from the city of Zurich. Can he find good gravel riding so near to urbanville?

The Swiss city Zurich is mostly known for its lifestyle based around the beautiful lake. But who would think of undertaking a trip to a big city like Zurich for sportive activities, especially for gravel riding?
I did and to sum it up: IT WAS AWESOME! Besides the beautiful scenery with the Zürisee (the lake), the city offers the perfect infrastructure for cyclists, so we were able to get out of the city with no traffic problems at all.
As we reached the border of the city, the real fun was just about to start. With plenty of options it was a hard choice for us which gravel road we should take on first: uphill, flat, singletrack it's up to you to explore beyond!
As one of our favourite routes we chose to ride over some nice climbs from Zürisee to Zugsee which is a second beautiful lake just over the hill. This tour offered us everything we could have dreamed of... and more! Beautiful scenery with lakes, green fields, small hills and big mountains with little white sugar frosting on their tops.
After some stunning gravel riding, downtown Zurich is the perfect spot to enjoy a cold beer or post-ride coffee near the lake to chill out and enjoy the rest of the day. Never thought that I would recommend doing a gravel trip to a city but for me, Zurich is definitely one of the most underrated gravel hotspots I have ever been to.
If you’re feeling inspired, check out Flo’s route suggestions here and here
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