Iceland Photostory

Loek & Nol from were fortunate enough to have been out gravel riding in Iceland recently. They sent in some photo highlights from their trip and now we want to go and ride there!

Imagine waking up in a mountaineering hut and having views of beige, white, green and orange mountains. You’d think you were dreaming, right?

Upon heading out on the bike, your inner Hobbit shows up when riding through Mordor-like lava fields. Just surrealistic landscapes or still dreaming?

Sulphur gas pumping out pink and green patches from the earth on the left, mossy red volcano on the right. Makes you wonder if you’ve had the ‘wrong’ type of mushrooms at breakfast.

No real night, because it doesn’t really get dark can make everyone turn mad. But chilling out in a hot spring at midnight while having a Viking beer sure proves it must have all been just too perfect.

Iceland is unreal. But it’s the best dream we ever had!

Words and images by: If you’d like to see the teaser of the promo video that Loek and Nol shot to go with this piece, check out the link here

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