Gravel Culture: Winter gravel riding heaven.

Posted By Gravel Union On 1 March 2021

Nol and Loek from sent us in this fantastic video of riding through a winter wonderland recently.

It might seem like a dream now, but only a matter of a few weeks ago, a lot of northern Europe woke up to find our world had turned into a winter wonderland overnight. For anyone who lives in the “real” north, this might not seem that newsworthy, but for everyone else, winter conditions bring out the inner-child. Time spent playing in the snow on our gravel bikes is always time well-spent!

Nol and Loek from the headed out to make the most of the conditions and took their camera kit along for the ride.

They reckon that winter riding is pretty close to cycling heaven.

H - ow you look at life tends to play a role in how it presents itself to you.
E - xactly how that works remains a mystery, but…
A - s we rode through life we’ve learned that ‘no good story starts with a salad’.
V - icious winter temperatures and seemingly uninviting attributes can turn into opportunities
E - specially when deep dry powder snow, -10 degrees and bright sun are predicted.
N - o one knows what lies beyond the next corner, but as long as nature serves us these Heavenly rides we’ll believe in a better tomorrow.

To see more of their great imagery and videos, check out their Insta profile and their YouTube channel

FatPigeon are a small and passionate team of gravel riders from Holland who love taking their gravel bikes on adventures around the world.