General News: Getting under the skin of the onion

Posted By Gravel Union On 11 February 2021

The auto spell checking facility in most word processing software packages is very clever, but it’s surprising how often it thinks we are actually called “Gravel Onion”. We thought it was time to get under the skin of the onion and show you what makes us tick.

Over the winter we were doing a bit of planning for what we want to achieve with Gravel Union this year and as part of it, we tried to summarise what we think we’re all about:

“Run by a small but passionate team of gravel riders, we offer a well-crafted website featuring high-quality written content, enhanced with inspirational photos and videos. Our regularly updated website, which includes a comprehensive worldwide gravel events calendar, is complimented by dedicated social media channels.”

Self-analysis is never a very fun thing to do and creating an eloquent written summary of what we’re about felt like a bit of a struggle. We decided that by far the most important bit of our blurb is the “passionate team of gravel riders” so thought we would do a little exposé on who we are and what we do.

We wouldn’t be anything if it wasn’t for our top team of contributors. Liberally dotted all over the globe, they’re the Gravel Union eyes&ears into the gravel world. Some of them just create content for us very occasionally, some of them keep in our in-boxes filled up to the brim with fantastic ideas and tales of daring do!

Based in Switzerland. Takes stunning images of his local trails in the Swiss Alps. Andrew keeps his options open and rides both e-gravel and analogue-gravel bikes.

Based in the UK. Is our resident bikepacking and adventure riding expert. She is currently testing a top-secret Kinesis titanium bikepacking bike, but don’t tell anyone we told you.

Based in Holland. The world’s most enthusiastic gravel rider and a pioneer of “daypacking”. Erwin’s motto is “party pace to win the race”.

Based in Germany and normally found half way up a stunning mountain. Rides his Scott gravel bike faster than a speeding bullet.

Based in the UK. James is the Gravel Union behind-the-scenes powerhouse. He is a big fan of AdventureCommutingTM, Welsh Hills and winter riding.

Based in France. Jerome sent us in a beautiful story about gravel riding in the French Alps

Based in Spain. Spends his free time going as fast as he can on his gravel bike. r

Based in the south of France. Mary has the Maritime Alps right on her doorstep.

Based in the UK. Tries to keep the good ship Gravel Union from crashing into the rocks. Spends all his free time trying to shoehorn ever bigger tyres into his Trek Monstercross

We’re always looking for stories of gravelly adventures from around the globe, so if you fancy joining our intrepid group of writers, photographers and filmmakers, feel free to get in touch –
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